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Big game fishing

Our boat is fully equipped with a comfortable fishing chair and the necessary high-quality rods and reels to handle and successfully land those impressive catches from the depths of the sea.

Classic fishing

To entice fish from different depths, we employ a unique method where you cast a baited stone on one rod into the deeper waters while simultaneously dragging two additional rods on the surface.


Join us for memorable excursions to secluded beaches, offering the perfect opportunity for swimming and enjoying breathtaking views of the sea.

Luhrs 32 Touram​ent

The Luhrs 32 Tournament is a USA produced sportfishing boat known for its performance, durability, and angler-friendly features.


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We offer departures from Volosko, as shown on the map.
When it comes to morning and evening fishing, we typically choose locations along the coast near Brseč, halfway across the Kvarner Gulf, or even Rijeka, depending on the type of fishing you're interested in.
For all-day fishing adventures, we usually venture to the following locations:

Our all-day fishing trips take you to captivating locations such as Mali Bok on the island of Cres, Torkul Bay on the island of Krk, and the vast expanse of the Kvarner.
While our skipper can recommend fishing spots based on their expertise, we believe in giving our clients the freedom to make the final decision on the fishing location.
Our fishing package includes all the essentials: a well-equipped boat, fuel, an experienced skipper, fishing licenses, high-quality fishing equipment, a variety of baits, and a thorough cleaning of the boat at the end of the trip. Opatija.
We aim to provide you with a comprehensive fishing experience, ensuring your comfort, convenience, and enjoyment throughout the excursion.

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Big game fishing Croatia, Opatija fishing, Rijeka fishing, Fishing in Croatia, Adriatic sea fishing,

Fishing per person
(Morning 09-12h)


Fishing per person
(Evning 18-21h)


Fishing per person
(All day 09-17)


Fishing requires a minimum of 5 people.

All included

All passengerss and staff members are insured.

Charter with skipper
4h (09-13h)


Charter with skipper
8h (09-17h)


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(in charter price fuel and fishing is not included)
A maximum of 12 people can board the boat

Opatija fishing in Croatia, Fishing charter in nothen Adriatic (Opatija)